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Electing Naheed Nenshi as the leader of the Alberta NDP can help to defeat Danielle Smith and her government in the next election, protect our vital public services, and ensure life is more affordable.

Your donation helps Naheed spread the word about his vision and meet as many people as possible across the province.

Donations are eligible for generous tax credits!

Your donation is even more impactful thanks to generous tax credits: a $50 donation yields a $37.50 tax credit, $100 donation yields a $75 tax credit, $1,000 donation yields a $550 tax credit, while donations of $2,500 or $5,000 grant you a $1,000 tax credit (full details from Elections Alberta).

Please note that donations to the Nenshi campaign do not get you an Alberta NDP membership. To get your membership, please also buy your $10 membership directly from the Alberta NDP. Thank you!

Campaign donation disclosure: View the list of campaign donations over $250 here.